MTGA strives to deliver the highest possible standard of services to all our customers. We work closely with our customers to generate outcomes which exceed expectations using our large resource pool and our specialised experience in the technology implementation, maintenance and support space. The solutions we deliver have a lasting cost-effective result for our customers.

MTGA is a world leader in product-agnostic implementation, support and maintenance services focused in the mining industry and the autonomous ground vehicle sector.

MTGA has over 12 years of specialist experience in:

  • Feasibility Analysis Reports
  • Operational Readiness Assessments
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Maintenance and support
  • Consulting and auditing
  • Network surveying
  • General Fabrication
  • Product supply

MTGA has extensive skill and experience in these fields across all manner of technology including;

  • Communications devices (Radios – WiFi & LTE)
  • High precision Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Autonomous command and operation
  • Dispatch fleet management systems
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Collision avoidance technology
  • Drill positioning systems
  • Mobile fleet reliability and health monitoring
  • Vehicle information management systems
  • Establishing LTE and WiFi wireless networks
  • Manufacture and support of LTE and WiFi communications infrastructure

MTGA provide product-agnostic advice and services to our customers and we pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of understanding new technology and the potential implementation and benefits that they can deliver to our customers