Our 5 metre linear actuator mast has a headload of up to 35kg and stands at 5 metres high. It offers smooth deployment and retraction and compact stowage, and can withstand wind speeds of up to 85km/h with a .8m2 sail area. Powder coated for weather protection, the mast is also high visibility orange.

This mast attaches easily via 4 bolts to any deployment requirement and can mount to any equipment. UV protected conduit also protects all cables running up the mast.

The 5 metre linear actuator mast is powered via 12V DC, and has one linear actuator. The headstock is accessible from the ground allowing the user to access all mounted communications equipment easily. The mast allows easy and safe extension of the rotatable head stock from the ground without the need to access the unit it is installed on or use a safety step.


Headload: 35Kg
Height: 5-8 metre
Weight: 140kg
Wind speed: 100km/h
Colour: Orange (Other colours are available on request)
DC Input: 12V
DC Current: 17A
Sail Area: 0.8m^2
Mast type: Linear actuator
Material: Mild Steel