MTGA as an infrastructure company are agnostic to the mast utilised on the MTGA trailer. We offer the customer either what is requested or what we think is best for their application and price point.

MTGA have utilised and worked with almost every type and brand of mast on the market across the 500+ trailers and skid we have delivered to the industry. The largest growing concern over the last few years has been the reliance on international manufactured options and the ever-increasing lead times.

MTGA can manufacture and fit out a trailer or skid significantly faster than the mast OEM’s can supply.

Another issue we see is the mast headstock access height.

These two issues have led to the design and manufacture of our own series of mast.

MTGA are able to manufacture masts between 3-4 weeks from date of order which is significantly less than the 10-14 weeks typically seen from international suppliers.

MTGA’s mast headstock is only 300mm higher than the A-frame of the trailer when stowed. Technicians can access the equipment on the head stock whilst standing on the ground, with no need to use a platform or stand on the trailer itself. This drastically reduces the safety risk to technician teams operating and managing infrastructure on site. In addition the design of the mast allows for the headstock to remain in a vertical position when stowed and throughout the extension and retraction process.

MTGA masts are engineered to Australian standards and conditions and match or exceed the requirements of headstock and wind loading we typically see on communications trailers and skids. Our masts are manufactured in Western Australia utilising off the shelf components meaning servicing on site is simple and straight forward.