If you need a self-supporting power supply system for your site, MTGA offer a free high-level design service. Speak with us about a design and quote for solar and generator power supported trailers or semi mobile solutions today.

We provide an almost unlimited number of combinations of power supplies, mast types, mast heights, battery types, and storage solutions to meet your needs.

The principal information required is;

  • continuous power draw
  • days redundancy
  • mast type
  • mast height
  • any other special requirement

MTGA also offer guidance through this process if you’re unsure of any requirements. Our experienced team and solid operating history will ensure you arrive at the most reliable solution.


Mass: From 200kg to 11 tonne
Type: ADR Compliant Trailer or skid
Power Output (Cont.): 10 – 7000+ Watts
Mast Height: 3 – 32 metres
Mast Type: Linear actuator or aluminium lattice (other as requested)
Supported Headload: Up to 160kg
Supported Wind: Up to 112km/h (unguyed)
Battery Redundancy: Up to 6 Days
Solar Panels: 1-42 360-400Watt (other panels available as per design requirements)
Batteries: 1 – 96 x 12V 120Ah, 6V 225Ah, 2V/350Ah or 490Ah Deep Cycle AGM
Battery Configuration: 12V / 24V / 48V
Enclosures: 2 x Mild Steel Powder-Coated (600x600x300mm) or (800x600x300) or 1 x Double-walled insulation shelter,
or air-conditioned rack with mild steel enclosures. (Other per design req)
Power Backup: 3.0KVA 48V or 240V generator