The A-Stop charging system was developed for mining customers to charge Caterpillar A-stops units in field without the need for multiple power outlets and to provide a robust charging station which wasn’t otherwise available from the manufacturer.

The charging stations are constructed from steel and powder coated for durability and protection and plugs into any normal mains power sockets and ensuring conformance to Caterpillars A-stop product specifications.

The A-stop charging station is rugged, protecting it from the harsh environment of a mine site and allows A-Stop units to be neatly placed in their own charging slot with status illumination light indicating when charging is complete. The charging stations come in banks of 10 and can be stacked to provide an unlimited amount of charging slots.

As the A-Stop is a critical safety device required to access an autonomous operating zone, typically customers purchase enough banks to allow for ample units to be charged, allowing a set for day shift personnel and a night shift allocation of A-Stops to be charged.


Material: Mild steel
Dimensions: 150mm x 220mm x 600mm (height x depth x width)
Weight: 13 Kg
Charging Slots: 10
Colour: Grey (Other colours are available on request)
AC Input: 100-240V 1.3A 50/60Hz (Per unit) Class I
AC Input MAX: 100-240V 3.9A 50/60Hz (3 Units stacked) Class I
Output per Port: DC 5V 1A
Product Plug: 2.5mm DC metal line plug
Input Plug Type: IEC C13 power cable
Linking Cable: IEC C14 to C13 cable
Stackable To: No higher than 3 units
Charges: Caterpillar A-stops for AHS