The MTGA Arctic 200 series trailers and skids are standalone, fully self-supporting units designed to support two AP’s or devices. The 200 series arctic unit is designed specifically for low light conditions and extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. The 200 series arctic unit combines three forms of power generation; solar, wind and a methanol fuel cell with a large battery backup capacity.

The trailer version is designed to be a fully mobile solution able to be towed by a light vehicle using any tow hitch required. The skid version is designed to be a semi-portable solution whereby mobility is of lesser importance but still a requirement. The skid versions can be easily relocated via the use of a forklift, flatbed ute or truck.

The 200 series arctic unit is designed to support approximately 120-160w continuous power draw with an effective redundancy up to 6 days on battery backup alone. The batteries are housed in an ergonomically designed sliding drawer to provide ease of access for inspection or replacement.

This MTGA solution utilises three forms of power generation; solar, wind and a methanol fuel cell with a large battery backup capacity. The three high-efficiency solar panels are in a patent-pending sliding array designed for safety and ease of deployment of the panels as well as quick and easy site establishment. The sliding array means that the trailer is compact and eliminates an elaborate setup and pack down the process for multiple solar panels. The solar generation of 1.35kw is impressive thanks to the use of class-leading high-efficiency panels. They feature an automatic tilt system via linear actuator to optimise positioning from summer to winter. The panels are safely and easily deployed by one person in seconds on sliding linear rails. Additionally, there is the option of a 400w wind turbine with the option of a second 400w turbine. The inclusion of a methanol fuel cell with a large battery backup capacity enables the unit to power multiple devices with over 4 days backup. This, in turn, decreases the use of non-renewable energy sources.

The units can utilise a 5m to 8m linear actuated mast (or other as required) for the deployment of the equipment. This mast allows easy and safe extension of the rotatable headstock from the ground without the need to access the trailer or use a safety step.
The 200 series arctic unit utilises two IP rated cabinets to house the communications equipment and the power equipment on board the trailer. Access to communications equipment is front on and has a large internal area for mounting hardware. The communications and video offer support for WiFi, LTE and PTZ camera operation.

An innovative, intelligent and cost-effective design, the 200 series arctic unit has met and exceeded all specifications requested from our clients. The units are designed from the ground up to handle the rugged environment that mining can throw at them and the high demands for reliability that our customers require.


Mass: Approx. 1500-1700kg
Type: ADR Compliant Trailer
Power Output (Cont): 120 – 160 Watts
Mast Height: 5 – 14 metres
Mast Type: Linear actuator (other as requested)
Supported Headload: 35 kg
Supported Wind: 85km/h if deployed 120km/h stowed
Battery Redundancy: Up to 4 Days
Solar Panels: 3 x 435 or 400 Watt
Batteries: 8 – 12 x 12V 120Ah or 6V 225Ah Deep Cycle AGM
Battery Configuration: 12V / 24V / 48V
Enclosures: 2 x Mild Steel Powder-Coated (600x600x300mm) or (800x600x300)
Methanol Generator power: 110W
Wind Generator Power: 400W-800W