The Trailer Health & Utilisation Monitoring Box “THUMB™” is an MTGA proprietary technology product

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Communications trailers are an integral part of a mine site network. Many trailers may have no way to monitor and alert when they are no longer operating at a level to support the communication devices and can have unanticipated outages from black spots in a network. These communications outages can cause downtime at significant expense to you. Alternatively, trailers without GPS tracking can simply become unaccounted for because their location cannot be recalled after relocation.

Developing and equipping each of the trailers with an embedded system that can track the location via GPS and health status allows for graphical mapping of the network and warn of possible future outages before they happen.

Mapping trailers in a site ensures that they are placed at the appropriate distance relative to one another upon setup allowing for improved troubleshooting of wireless dead-spots and reducing the probability of any lost trailers and machine downtime.

The GPS receiver also gives the trailer an over speed reporting capability, reporting and logging if offline (for upload when a connection is achieved), of any speed over 40kph – variable to your requirements.

The system is also capable of monitoring the state of the trailer system and consequently the battery health by interfacing and accessing this information from the solar charge regulator.

In addition to GPS tracking, and battery health monitoring, the system also contains a magnetometer/compass which is used to determine the orientation of the trailer and subsequently the solar panels. This feature will enable a relationship between the orientation of the solar panels and its power output to be evaluated to further optimize and improve trailer performance.

The embedded system developed to enable all of these useful features can be seamlessly integrated and retrofitted into current trailer systems without the need for any major modifications.

This is managed through web-based software that is available on customer intranet and it is therefore possible to manage all the trailers from one easy application.

Key features of THUMB

  • Track location via GPS
  • Over speed reporting capability
  • Monitor the state of the trailer system and battery health
  • Magnetometer/compass for optimal trailer orientation
  • Manage all trailers from one easy application
MTGA THUMB Health & Utilisation Monitoring Box - MTGA Specification

Trailer Health & Utilisation Monitoring Box “THUMB™”

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