500 Series Base Station

The MTGA 500 series Macro Cell Base Station is a standalone, fully self-supporting unit designed to support a single sector or cell in an LTE system or any other high-powered device in this power range specification.

The 500 series is a base station style (skid style) solution designed to be semi mobile, with crane lifting, dragging and forklift points for transport.

The 500 series base station is designed to support approximately 400-600w continuous power draw.

The base station is constructed from heavy gauge tube steel on a galvanised skid frame, and is engineered to handle the harsh Australian environment. Our clients typically utilise this model in LTE applications to support a single sector or cell.

The MTGA 500 Series Macro Cell Base Station is an innovative, intelligent and cost-effective design that meets and exceeds all specifications requested to date.

All units are fabricated in our workshop in Western Australia to ensure quality and durability in the field as well as ease of access to you during the design and construction phase.

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Key features 500 series

  • Supports a single sector or call in LTE system or other high powered device
  • Available as a semi mobile skid
  • Supports 400-600w continuous power draw
  • Up to 5 days battery redundancy and backup generator as required
  • Solar panels in sliding array for quick and easy deployment
  • Features 17m telescopic lattice mast as standard (other masts can be specified)
  • Air-conditioned shelter for communications equipment and batteries
  • Backup generator
THUMB MTGA 500 series Mobile Trailers

500 series brochure

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Services & Support


We provide bespoke designs to meet the unique needs of our customers.


We install and commission a range of aftermarket products into mobile plant.


We provide onsite support and maintenance for your mobile technology and communications.

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