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High quality, fail-safe, reliable. Our mining communication base stations are innovatively built to fit your specific project’s needs.

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Our semi-portable LTE base stations are modular, standalone, fully self-supporting units forging the way in long range communications solutions for remote mining operations.

Mining relies on communication technology. Wireless networks, real-time monitoring, constant data analysis – these communication systems ensure surface mining operations are running smoothly. And when you have an effective communications system, you’ll see an increase in productivity and a decrease in operational costs.

Here at Mining Technicians Group Australia, our number one priority is ensuring our customers leave with effective, innovative mining solutions. Our mining communication base stations will fit seamlessly into your surface mining operations. Long-range and high power, our modular, standalone, fully self-supporting units are forging the way in mining innovation.

It’s powerful

Supporting over 1600W of continuous power draw with redundancy up to 5 days on batteries alone, our mining communication base stations will never let you down. Featuring 18 high-efficiency solar panels with our 1000 Series and unlimited power with our modular 2000 Series, cell deployment is simple and safe.
With up to 96 battery cells and over 90kW hours of power storage in our 1000 Series, and unlimited storage with our modular 2000 Series, you’re guaranteed to stay up and running. They also utilise a diesel generator for further redundancy, so you’re never left without power.

It’s versatile

Take our base station wherever you need to go with our semi-mobile units. Quick to deploy and ideal for harsh and rugged environments, it will be up and running in its desired location in no time at all.
Our mining communication base stations can also host mast systems up to 32 metres high, depending on your selected model, meaning it can easily be used as an off-grid communications tower. Or use our base station next to a fixed tower for power and communications without the need for site services.

It’s efficient

Seamless two-way communication between surface personnel and machinery, remote monitoring and control of mining equipment, valuable data collection on production, grade and output, and real-time access to mine operations – with our base stations, it’s all possible.

It stands the test of time

Our mining communication base stations are engineered using heavy gauge tube steel on a galvanised skid frame. Constructed in our workshop in Western Australia and insulated to ensure equipment is environmentally controlled, our base stations are durable and can easily withstand the harsh mining environments found in the Australian climate, wherever your site may be.

What can you do?


Keep your workers safe and equipment monitored with efficient and reliable communications solutions.


Monitor your mining operations wherever you are with remote monitoring capabilities.


Optimise performance while remaining as efficient and environmentally sustainable as possible. MTGA’s equipment is high-quality and high-performance, giving you peace of mind.


Obtain data critical to the growth and development of your mining operation, including data on production and output.

Find your mining communication base station

Communication is important in any industry – but it’s absolutely critical when it comes to the mining industry. Communication between your team and equipment is an integral requirement of a mining communication system.
Our mining communication base station solutions are fully monitored with onboard safety systems and back-to-base alerts, giving you peace of mind. Explore our options.
Need something specific? We can design a base station to fit your needs – check out our Custom Mining Base Stations.

Communication Base Station Series 500 - MTGA

500 Series

Our 500 series Macro Cell Base station is a skid style, standalone unit that is fully self-supporting and allows for semi-mobility. A powerful unit, this base station is designed to support a single sector or cell in an LTE system. Capable of crane lifting, dragging, and forklift points for transport, the 500 Series Base Station is an innovative, durable and versatile model that will deliver unparalleled value to your mining operations.

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1000 Series

Our 1000 Series Macro Cell Mining Communication Base Station is the next level up from the 500 Series. A bit bigger with a bit of extra oomph, the 1000 Series is designed to be a standard tower replacement. The 17-32 metre telescopic lattice designed mast can be erected in less than five minutes. Support a single or multi-sector in an LTE system, including microwave backhaul, or any other high-power communications requirements.

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Communication Base Station Series 1000 - MTGA
Communication Base Station Series 2000 - MTGA

2000 Series

Our 2000 Series Macro Cell Base Station is our top tier base station. Innovative, intelligent, and affordable with low maintenance costs, the 2000 Series operates on a 24-hour continuous basis, supporting an unlimited power requirement with our modular design. An air-conditioning shelter or rack for communication equipment and batteries maintains equipment below 35 degrees celsius.

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What is a Mining Communication Base Station?

A communication base station serves as a communications hub for multiple devices, machines, and personnel to stay connected to a central network. As part of your communications network, our base stations allow for continuous radio communication with surface personnel and equipment.

Communication base station setups will usually include a wide array of different technologies, including power supplies, data servers, head end, radio repeaters, and communication systems that allow for high-speed continuous information flow. It can also be used as part of a leaky feeder system in the communication network.

Modern technology and wireless communication allow for incredible capabilities when it comes to surface mining – all at increasingly low power consumption.

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