Arctic Series

The 200 series arctic trailers & Skids are designed specifically for low light conditions and extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

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The MTGA Arctic 200 series trailers and skids are standalone, fully self-supporting units designed to support two AP’s or devices.

The 200 series arctic unit combines three forms of power generation; solar, wind and a methanol fuel cell with a large battery backup capacity.

The batteries are housed in an ergonomically designed sliding drawer to provide ease of access for inspection or replacement.

The solar generation of 1.35kw is impressive thanks to the use of class-leading high-efficiency panels. They feature an automatic tilt system via linear actuator to optimise positioning from summer to winter. The panels are safely and easily deployed by one person in seconds on sliding linear rails.

Additionally, there is the option of a 400w wind turbine with the option of a second 400w turbine. The inclusion of a methanol fuel cell with a large battery backup capacity enables the unit to power multiple devices with over 4 days backup. This, in turn, decreases the use of non-renewable energy sources.

An innovative, intelligent and cost-effective design, the 200 series arctic mine trailers have met and exceeded all specifications requested from our clients. The units are designed from the ground up to handle the rugged environment that mining can throw at them and the high demands for reliability that our customers require.

Key features of the Arctic series Skids & Trailers

  • Designed for low light conditions and extreme temperatures
  • Supports two APs or devices
  • 3 forms of power generation; solar, wind and a methanol fuel cell
  • 3 high-efficiency solar panels in a sliding array
  • Fully mobile, available as a trailer or skid
  • Support 120-160w continuous power draw
  • 6 day battery redundancy
  • Three high-efficiency solar panels in sliding array for quick and easy deployment
  • Can utilise a 5m-8m linear actuated mast or other mast as requested
Arctic 200 Series Trailers- MTGA

200 Arctic Series

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