Communications Skids & Trailers

Need a mobile power solution?

We provide mobile hybrid power solutions to meet communication power needs for industry. Our communications trailer and skid solutions are customized to meet your needs at our factory in Carlisle, Western Australia.

MTGA manufacture various models of trailer to fit all power requirements. We have over 600 trailers and skids on more than 50 minesites across the world.

Trailers have a 6 – 14 metre tall mast and solar panels with battery backup, or a hybrid power system.

Manufactured to Australian Design Requirements (ADR) with a focus on durability and ease of deployment, MTGA’s communication trailers and base stations have proven themselves in some of the harshest environments on earth.

Our infrastructure units have a low maintenance design with minimal input required from the user after deployment, excluding an annual heath check.

While current trailer and base station design specifications fall in the ranges outlined below, MTGA can custom design a communications solution to meet your specific requirements.


Communications power skid australia - MTGA

Mobile Series

Our mobile series is a communications infrastructure solution designed to be transportable and towed by a light vehicle using any tow hitch required. The solution utilises solar panels and are designed to handle the harsh Australian environment.

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Base station

Our semi-portable LTE base stations are modular, standalone, fully self-supporting units forging the way in long range communications solutions for remote mining operations.

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500 Series Base Station - MTGA
Mining Communications Trailer - MTGA

Communication Hut

MTGA can custom design a shelter solution to meet your unique requirements. All our huts are designed to operate on a 24-hour continuous use basis in harsh Australian environmental conditions.

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Arctic Series

The arctic series is designed specifically for low light conditions and extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. They combine three forms of power generation; solar, wind and a methanol fuel cell with a large battery backup capacity.

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Mobile Arctic trailer - MTGA
500 Series Base Station - MTGA

Custom design

If you need a self-supporting power supply system for your site, MTGA offer a free high-level design service. Speak with us about a design and quote for solar and generator power supported trailers or semi mobile solutions today.

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Our trailers can be equipped with the Trailer Health & Utilisation Monitoring Box “THUMB™” that tracks its location via GPS as well as its health status which allows for graphical mapping of your network and can warn of possible future outages before they happen reducing downtime.

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THUMB The Trailer Health & Utilisation Monitoring Box - MTGA

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