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Mining Surveillance Trailers - MTGA

Surveillance Trailers

MTGA has a range of mobile CCTV Trailer and other mining surveillance trailers to provide 24/7 remote monitoring of your key operational areas either via camera, radar system or other types of advanced sensors detecting heat and/or movement.

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Digital Radio Trailers

We have developed and advanced solution for providing solar/battery mobile power for digital radio applications requiring 5 days power redundancy.

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Digital Radio Trailers - MTGA

Pump Trailers

MTGA’s line of pump trailers are rugged and reliable and constructed to perform in the harshest conditions whilst keeping running costs down.

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DC Generator Trailers

The MTGA 5KVA DC genset is powered by Kubota 2-cylinder engine and Mecc-Alte permanent magnet generator, providing reliable backup power in hybrid systems. The permanent magnet generator enables current-limited variable voltage output, which is essential for charging batteries.

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High Pressure Wash Trailers - MTGA

High Pressure Wash Trailers

MTGA’s line of high pressure wash trailers utilize environmentally responsible and dependable Euro V / California Tier 4 compliant diesel engines and high-quality Hawk pressure pumps and ancillary equipment.

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Lighting Trailers

Our mobile lighting solutions use hybrid power systems to ensure cost effective lighting solutions suitable for large outdoor areas.

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Mining Lighting Trailers - MTGA

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