Arctic Boom Gate Trailer

The arctic boom gate trailer is designed to operate in harsh cold climates and can utilise various gate designs depending on your circumstances

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The arctic boom gate trailer features a large outrigger footprint to ensure high wind stability as well as being towable by any light vehicle and is designed to run autonomously once deployed.

Included are all standard safety features such as, wheel chocks, high vis powder coating and tape, indication lights, inertial braking system and a night safety beacon.

Key features Arctic Boom Gate trailer

  • 3KW generator plugged directly into the batteries
  • 100L tank allows up to 14 days redundancy
  • Eight 6v 225AH batteries capable of operating for 2 days without charge
  • Batteries housing in sliding drawer for ease of access
  • Available with with AC or DC outputs
  • One IP rated cabinet for all components
  • Insulated with high density foam to prevent freezing
  • Includes 5-metre mast for mounting equipment
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Arctic Boom Gate Trailer

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