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Many components make up a mine, and require a lot of management, planning and work to ensure the site is running cohesively and efficiently. An important area site managers need to prioritise is the equipment. Having efficient mining equipment goes a long way in ensuring everything runs according to plan.

For mining machines and equipment to be efficient, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration. One excavator may be great at its job because it’s quick and easy to use, but perhaps it isn’t very reliable and sits in the repair shop more often than getting work done. This is money and time wasted.

Ways mining equipment can improve efficiency:


Mining operations are big undertakings that require a lot of time, work and planning to meet quotas, and expected outputs. By employing efficient mining equipment, work is going to be undertaken at a steadier and more consistent rate, meaning reaching a quota will be a lot easier. Management and planning teams will be able to more accurately predict material output to investors and buyers, ensuring an unpredictable mining process is more predictable.

Encourages better work ethic

It doesn’t matter what industry it is, a proactive and communicative workforce will lead to higher efficiency. Equipment that is effective, efficient and easy to use for the workers, means that they’ll be able to get the work done that they need, boosting morale. Any sites that have poor communication, or a low worker ethic may be down to poor equipment and management. It’s essential to provide the correct mining equipment to workers, so they can get what they need to operate safely and effectively.

Promotes a higher safety standard

It’s no lie that mine sites can be dangerous workplaces, but they don’t need to be. Evidence indicates that efficient technologies and working procedures are reducing the fatality rates in the mining industry. Usually, accidents, injuries and deaths within the mining sector are down to miscommunication and poor planning. Not even a decade ago, the fatality rate was a lot higher than it is now. The number one concern for mining companies is worker safety. Mine sites that employ efficiency promote safe mining practices.

Why efficient mining equipment is so valuable to your operation Blog - MTGA

Lowers costs

Utilising the correct mining equipment can reduce energy costs and running costs. It’s paramount that the mining hardware on site is doing the job it needs to without wasting or disrupting costs. Whilst any kind of machine will need to be maintained and possibly even repaired at some point, it’s best if the equipment does an acceptable amount of work before it needs downtime.
Another is operating costs. It’s no good if the equipment uses a lot of electricity or fuel, and can’t really get much work done. If you’re in the market for new equipment, it’s a good idea to keep in mind energy consumption rates. This will save money on both fuel and electricity costs.

How to improve mining efficiency:

Utilise reliable equipment

The importance of reliability is extremely high for the mining sector. Mine sites are heavily reliant on the output of materials, and if there is a malfunction or breakdown, it can be extremely costly. Mining activities require everything to go smoothly, and having reliable equipment is a part of that. Finding reliable and efficient mining equipment can be daunting, but explore your options, and use reputable companies.

Implement new technologies

The mining sector is part of a progressive and ever-expanding industry looking to find new ways to do things. Whether that’s implementing new mapping technologies for exploration, or utilising the astounding advancements in autonomy and machine learning, with equipment such as drones and haul trucks.
In recent years the mining industry has seen a rise to prominence with new technologies and innovations. These technologies work to reduce costs, be more eco-friendly, increase safety and raise the efficiency of mining activities.
The mining industry is a competitive and harsh one, so not only should a company keep on top of how efficiently they run, they need to keep up to date, so they can stay on the market.

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Mining Technologies Group Australia has a range of high-quality and well-built equipment that is sure to last a long time, raising the bar for reliable mining equipment. Check out our range of communication technologies, from our mobile communication skids and base stations to smart boom gates. We provide reliable equipment, that saves money on power costs, and running costs, all whilst being safe and easy to use.

We also have a range of services and mining solutions for you. Our team of mining experts and technicians can design and implement new and efficient networks, to ensure on-site communication is clear and open to all on-site.
Get in touch with us at MTGA for engineering and design solutions, or explore our range of products.

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