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Boom gates are essential components in various industrial applications, providing critical access control and security for sites such as mining operations, construction areas, and agricultural fields.

There are three common types of boom gates used in industrial settings: skids, trailers, and in-place boom gates. Each type offers distinct advantages and is suited for different scenarios and operational requirements.

This blog will explore the differences between skid, trailer, and in-place boom gates, helping you determine which option is best suited for your specific needs and site conditions.

Overview of Boom Gates

Boom gates, also known as barrier gates, are mechanical devices used to control vehicle and pedestrian access to restricted areas. They consist of a long arm that can be raised or lowered to block or allow passage. The primary function of boom gates is to enhance security, manage traffic flow, and ensure safety by preventing unauthorised access to sensitive or hazardous sites.

Industry Applications of Boom Gates

Boom gates are widely used across various industries. In mining operations, they help control access to mining sites, protecting valuable equipment and ensuring safety protocols are followed.

In construction areas, boom gates manage the movement of vehicles and personnel, maintaining order and preventing accidents.

Agricultural fields use boom gates to safeguard crops and equipment by controlling entry points.

Additionally, boom gates are common in parking lots, residential complexes, and other facilities requiring controlled access. Each industry leverages the benefits of boom gates to address its unique security and operational challenges.

Boom Gate Skids

Skid boom gates are portable barriers designed for easy transportation and quick setup. They are mounted on skid bases, allowing them to be moved without the need for complex installation procedures. Skid boom gates are ideal for sites that require temporary access control or where gate locations frequently change.


  • Mobility: Skid boom gates can be easily relocated, making them perfect for dynamic work environments. This mobility ensures that the gates can be repositioned as site requirements evolve.
  • Installation: The installation process for skid boom gates is straightforward and less time-consuming compared to permanent solutions. This ease of setup reduces downtime and enhances operational efficiency.
  • Flexibility: Our skid boom gates are highly adaptable to different site conditions and can be quickly deployed to meet immediate security needs.

MTGA Boom Gate Skids

We offer three types of skid boom gates to cater to different needs:

LV Boom Gate Skid

LV boom gate skids

Designed for light vehicles, the MTGA LV Boom Gate Skid supports approximately 10–60 Watts of continuous power draw with an effective redundancy of up to 6 days on batteries alone.

With an 8-metre boom length, it’s perfect for controlling traffic into the autonomous operating zones of mines. Its design includes a radio receiver for signal activation by approaching vehicles and an ultrasonic sensor to ensure safe operation, preventing the gate from closing on vehicles.

HV Boom Gate Skid

HV boom gate skid

Designed for heavy vehicles, the MTGA HV Boom Gate Skid supports approximately 30–60 Watts of continuous power draw with an effective redundancy of up to 6 days on batteries alone.

With a 12-metre boom length, this rugged solution is suited for heavy-duty operations and harsh mining environments.

Like the LV model, it features a radio receiver for activation and an ultrasonic sensor for safe operation, making it ideal for controlling heavy vehicle traffic in autonomous zones.

Compact LV Boom Gate Skid

The MTGA Solar Compact LV Boom Gate Skid is a revolutionary access control solution for light vehicles. It features a high-efficiency 415-Watt solar panel and two 12V 120Ah Century AGM batteries, providing up to 4 days of redundancy.

Compact and lightweight, it’s perfect for sites with limited space. It includes a radio receiver for automatic activation, an ultrasonic sensor for safety, and a handheld remote for manual control. Built to withstand harsh environments, this skid ensures reliable, low-maintenance operation.

Boom Gate Trailers

Trailer boom gates are portable barriers mounted on trailers, designed for easy towing and quick setup in various locations. They offer a high level of portability, allowing them to be moved to different sites as needed, making them ideal for temporary access control solutions.


  • Extreme Mobility: Trailer boom gates can be towed to various locations, offering the highest level of portability. This makes them ideal for projects that require frequent relocation of access control points.
  • Quick Deployment: They can be set up and operational quickly, saving valuable time on projects and ensuring immediate site security.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of terrains and temporary applications, trailer boom gates can be used in diverse environments, including construction sites, events, and temporary roadblocks.

MTGA Arctic Boom Gate Trailer


Designed for harsh cold climates, the MTGA Arctic Boom Gate Trailer is a robust mobile traffic control solution. It features a large outrigger footprint for high wind stability and can be towed by any light vehicle. Once deployed, it operates autonomously, running on a 3KW generator and eight 6V 225AH batteries, which provide up to 14 days of redundancy with a 100L fuel tank.

The trailer includes essential safety features like wheel chocks, high-visibility coatings, indication lights, an inertial braking system, and a night safety beacon. Additionally, it is insulated with high-density foam to prevent freezing and includes a 5-metre mast for mounting equipment, making it ideal for secure and reliable access control in extreme environments.

In-Place Boom Gates

In-place boom gates are permanent barriers installed at fixed locations to control vehicle and pedestrian access. These gates are anchored into the ground and are designed for long-term use, offering a stable and secure solution for access control.


  • Stability: Due to their permanent installation, these gates are less likely to be affected by environmental factors such as strong winds or uneven terrain.


  • Installation Time: The installation process for in-place boom gates is longer and more complex, requiring careful planning and groundwork.
  • Permanent: Once installed, these gates are not easily moved, making them unsuitable for sites that require frequent changes in access control points.
  • Power Requirements: Due to their permanent nature and installation method, in-place boom gates usually require mains power for operation. This makes them impractical for remote locations where access to mains power is limited or nonexistent. In such cases, using a skid or trailer boom gate is a more viable and convenient option.

Making the Right Choice for Your Site’s Access Control

Choosing the right boom gate is essential for effective access control and site security. Understanding the differences between skid and trailer boom gates helps you make the best choice for your needs. At MTGA, we offer a range of boom gate access control skids and trailers to meet diverse operational requirements.

Here at MTGA, we offer flexible rental and purchase options for all our boom gates. Whether you need a temporary or long-term solution, we have plans to fit your needs. Contact us today at (08) 9415 0748 or through our Contact Us page for more information or personalised advice. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect access control solution.


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