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The mining industry became a hot topic in 2021, with commodity prices reaching a multi-year high. The COVID-19 pandemic has inadvertently changed the mining industry, pushing industry leaders to implement new measures with the digitisation around work. Mining companies are focussing on higher sustainability, efficiency and safety for all of those in the industry.

What are the top mining trends 2022? Here’s what is evolving and changing for the new era.

Low-carbon mining

Major mining companies in Australia and throughout the world are promising to meet a new environmental regulation to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. Australia is one of the highest exporters of natural gasses and fossil fuels, so Australian mining executives are acknowledging the benefit of a green transition for people all around the world, despite the government’s silence on reaching a net-zero carbon emission target, making it one of the top mining trends 2022. Reaching a net-zero emissions target by 2050 is made possible by new low-carbon mining technologies.

Autonomous technology and AI

Autonomously operated plants and vehicles are rapidly becoming a more viable and efficient option for miners, reducing risk and human error. AI-driven machine learning can operate and process information faster and more efficiently than ever before. The AI can understand and process any new information based on previously collected data, to execute the most efficient and cost-effective action possible. The implementation of autonomous technology will only come more present over the coming years and offer a safer and more efficient way to mine

Here at MTGA, we offer a service that can install Autonomous Vehicle Technology into your mining systems. New technologies have advanced so rapidly that even heavy haulage mining trucks can be operated and controlled remotely and autonomously.

Safety Innovations

To reach a higher level of sustainability, mining companies have pushed to introduce methods that increase the safety of mining operations.
Drones and autonomously driven plants are one of these measures to keep miners safe, but there are new technologies available to the individual miner.

Real-time tracking devices, and wearable detection devices that can monitor worker fatigue, air quality and keep an eye on miners locations, are becoming more prominent.

A focus on ESG and sustainability

Like most industries sustainability and pushing for a higher eco-friendly future has become a high priority. Mining companies are dedicated to meeting current and upcoming ESG commitments in the future. New opportunities are arising to implement new technologies that can operate in a more sustainable way to increase their ESG performance.

Big data analytics

Big data analytics is an evolving technology that works in tangent with tracking market trends, and allows for mining companies to output assets and increase productivity. Big data plays an essential role to help make better business decisions. As data begins to drive everything forward, it’s easy to see that it will remain one of the top mining trends in 2022.

Drone technology

Mines can be hostile and dangerous places, and there can be risks involved in trying to find ore deposits, but the risks can be reduced with the implementation of drones. Drones are useful devices in mining as they can enter hard to reach locations that would be too dangerous for people to typically enter. Drones can collect imagery, mapping, survey the surrounding mining space, and report it back. This allows miners to get a better understanding of the risks involved, to reach a better decision.


Communication is key in mining operations as it allows workers to work in an orderly environment. Mines can be cramped, claustrophobic and isolating for workers. Without any means of communication, workers can’t operate safely as they wouldn’t know key information such as other worker locations and where they need to be. Innovative technologies allow miners to receive information and data with the least amount of delay, through wireless technology. MTGA can install modern mining communication systems so workers can communicate, keep track of, and work together safely and efficiently. This allows for every worker to have a direct line to any communication base they need to contact.


New training technologies are being implemented to help inexperienced miners learn everything they need to. An immersive virtual environment is created so the miner can experience any number of scenarios that are required for them to understand hazards, and procedures when it comes to a dangerous situation. The use of immersive simulators is the next big thing in teaching trainees everything they need to know in an industry that is constantly changing and evolving.

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The mining industry is changing and evolving to meet the demands of the 2020s. We at MTGA provide the latest in mining communication solutions to help your mining company provide the best Australian mining equipment for your employees and workers. We stay on top of the mining trends of 2022 so that you can create an economical and efficient environment for the years to come. We have a dedicated team with an attention to detail happy to offer advice and provide the best service catering to your companies specific needs.

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