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Mining companies in Australia have a big challenge ahead of them. They need to be aware of the social and political climate around them, manage their environmental impact, and assess the commodity market with keen attention to detail. On top of all that mines need to operate at an optimum level, think about where to lower costs, and where to improve performance and overall efficiency.

Implement innovative new technologies

The technological advancements in the mining sector are astounding. Not only are mines able to reach deposits previously unobtainable, but they also have a more efficient work time with the use of autonomous machinery. This category is quite a large one, as there are so many advancements and innovations that it’s hard to even keep up. But we’ll list some great new and upcoming technologies to watch out for that greatly improve efficiency in mining.


Yeah, it’s a hot topic in the mining industry, but it is truly a marvel. With autonomy, mines are able to keep up mining efficiency, without the need for overextending labour hours of the workers. The range of autonomous machines goes from haul trucks to onsite drilling platforms. Autonomous machinery has an inbuilt machine learning system, that adapts and improves depending on the environment it’s in. This greatly improves performance, raises profits, improves energy usage, and allows for a smaller room for error.

Mine exploration

Over recent years mining exploration has become increasingly difficult. Many factors play in this: an ever-expanding demand for resources because of population growth, the effects of world politics such as covid and the Russia-Ukraine war, to social and environmental issues. It’s imperative for the Australian mining sector to prioritise efforts in exploration work. New innovations such as 3D mapping and imaging technologies are able to get a more accurate reading of the resources. To compare, it’s like going from an old SD television to an HDTV. Drones are used in tandem with this new technology to get to harder-to-reach locations, as well as map a larger area in a more efficient timeframe.

Mine exploration Bog post- MTGASite surveillance and security

It’s good to have your operations team all working together seamlessly. Management and site organisers need to have a grasp of what’s happening on-site at all times to ensure the highest percentage of safety and efficiency. Surveillance equipment and security checkpoints make sure that workers are where they’re meant to be. Boom gates allow checkpoints and isolated areas to be accessed by those that are permitted to do so.

Invest in analytics

Advances in AI that produce analytics data have improved significantly. Case studies have indicated that all mining applications are greatly benefitted from proper investments in analytics. They ensure the company will boost performance, and mining efficiency, all while making cost and energy savings where necessary. Not only that but with proper analytics, sites can be assessed and made safer for all workers.

Providing a clearer view of asset monitoring, profitability and operational costs throughout the mine site will ultimately assist with productivity. Due to sensors, data collecting and computer processors. Analytics provide a framework for managers to assess, optimise, and plan out mine operations.

 Invest in analytics blog - MTGAEstablish a proactive workforce culture

Perhaps it goes without saying, but for any business, it all depends on the culture of the workforce. Poor operations lead to low efficiency on site, thus ending up with a bad profit margin. This goes from the top to the bottom. Management will need to be organised if they don’t have a clear and well-developed plan and budgeting future, right down to the workers.

Ensure that quality workers with good experience and a high level of standard when it comes to work ethic are hired. But also reach out, and hire a diverse and inclusive group of people willing to learn and do the right work. Analytic software can help provide a clear study of worker performance, and if things need to be changed, take action. The mining process will only be made all the better with good work ethics.

Providing quality equipment for the workers, communication equipment, safety gear, and regularly maintained machinery leads to good results from the operations team.

MTGA provide services in a number of these areas. Check out our mobile skids and communication trailers. They’re purpose-built for the Australian mine site environment and are able to prove a clear line of communication to all workers no matter where they are.

Establish a- proactive workforce culture Blog- MTGAPrioritise good planning and budgeting

Like any business, good planning and budgeting ensures profit and survival, especially in the brutal world of the Australian mining sector. Take advantage of new mining methods, and weight project risks for the future. A good idea is to make sure management is weighing the right risks, and correctly budgeting is by taking advantage of a mining consultancy.

There are different groups they fall into and serve several purposes. Exploration consultants weigh the risks of future projects and determine whether it’s worth investing in mine site expansion. They’re able to assess the mining operations and improve the overall efficiency. Engineering and design consultants have a keen understanding of the design and layout of a mine, helping to improve in any areas, to capitalise on worker efficiency.

We provide mining engineering consultancy services, and have a range of experts across various mining, mechatronic/electronic and communication fields.

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