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It’s no secret that the mining industry is complicated, with many caveats, regulations and rules. On top of that, the market for resources is fluid and requires high expertise in understanding the mining sector. Consultants are a great choice for mining companies to take advantage of, as they use their expertise in their specific fields to help a company navigate their way through the industry, insuring they take the right risks, and not make any missteps.

But what is a mining consultant? If you’re not sure on the specifics, this article will help get an understanding of what a consultant is and what they do, and also offer some advice for those who may be in the industry and need a step in the correct direction.

What is a mining consultant?

What is mining consultant  MTGA blog

A mining consultant is an advisor that mining companies may hire to help steer them through the complex and multilayered mining industry. Mining consultants are usually experts and have experience in specific fields, such as mine engineering, geological, logistical and regulation expertise. They have a deep understanding of how the mining industry works, and are there to help mining companies get the most out of a project life cycle; by assessing assets, evaluating risk management for the longer-term projects, and analysing and fine-tuning different mining operations.
Information and advice supplied by a mining consultant are there to help company owners make the right decisions. Company owners and managers work alongside their hired consultant team to get the most out of future opportunities, such as evaluating risks and helping organise projects, for the best financial growth.

Common fields mining consultants specialise in

There are a wide range of fields mining consultancy services specialise in. So it’s important to know what area a company needs the most experienced help in. They’re all there to help with costs, work efficiency, and profit growth, but that’s all in relation to a specific field. Common mining consultancy fields are:

Engineering and design

Mining engineer consultants have a keen understanding of how to design and layout a mine site, all whilst understanding the costs, risks and best strategy to improve mine site performance. Not only this, but experienced mining engineers can refine any undergoing projects, to ensure they’re as efficient and profitable to the company as possible.

Exploration consultants

Consultants in the fields of exploration assess the risks and benefits of any prospective mine sites. They will be able to provide insight into future profits and help regulate whether a future project will be beneficial to your company’s needs

Operational Consultants

Operational consultants evaluate the mine’s performance and value, and can adjust any areas to improve the profit margin, whilst being efficient. They will have an understanding of the market, to ensure work is undertaken at key times and dates to get the most out of a project.

Why should you use a mining consultant?

Why should you use a mining consultant_MTGAThere are several reasons why a mining company should hire a mining consultant. The mining sector is a fluid industry that doesn’t have any right or wrong answers when it comes to a specific approach. Having a mining consultant who has the right knowledge and experience can help mining companies pave their way through the complicated industry.
If you have a definite goal, and specify your needs with a consultant for a mining project, they can help in executing it. It’s important to talk about the budget, costs, and plans. This all ensures that the project goes smoothly, and reaches the target profit, whilst taking into account worker efficiency and expenses.

What to look for in a mining consultant

When hiring a mining consultant there are a few things to take into account. For the most part, you will want to look far and wide and get multiple quotes, to see if they fall within your budget. There is more to it than budget though.
An important aspect to look into is their experience. A lot of consultancy companies will be more than happy to show you what they’ve done. This means that they’re proud and confident in their abilities. This shows confidence and experience that could potentially benefit your company greatly.
Typically mining consultancies will have staff and employees to ensure there is a wide range of expertise and experience. A quality mining consultant team will have skills in a number of areas. This means they will be able to tackle and undertake any projects or plans efficiently. Not only should they have experience when it comes to the project management side of things, like finance and logistics, but an understanding of how mining work is done. It’s important to feel comfortable in knowing that your consultancy will know what they’re talking about and how to tackle any challenges that may be faced in the future.

In need of an engineering consultancy?

Now you know what a mining consultant is, and have an understanding of the different areas they specialise in. If you’re in need of mining engineering consulting, look no further than us at Mining Technicians Group Australia. We have expansive experience in the mining sector, with many key projects available on our site. We provide our expertise to raise performance and profit to take on any upcoming or current projects. Make sure to get in touch on our website, either by email or phone, for a quote.

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