Mining Technicians Group Australia recognise the demands that the Australian outdoor environment and the mining industry place on mobile vehicles, their technological equipment and communication devices. This means that these technologies require site based hardening and ongoing support and service. MTGA technicians are trained in monitoring networks, troubleshooting downtime and issues on devices, networks and vehicles. We can also undertake a reinstall of existing technologies on vehicles to extend their running life or a vehicle-to-vehicle transfer and upgrade of existing technology.

We support and maintain all mobile technology and communications on site. Our skillsets and experience includes all the technology applications for mobile equipment.

We work with;

  • Communications devices (Radios – WiFi & LTE)
  • High precision Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Autonomous command and operation
  • Dispatch fleet management systems
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Collision avoidance technology
  • Drill positioning systems
  • Mobile fleet reliability and health monitoring
  • Vehicle information management systems
  • Establishing LTE and WiFi wireless networks

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