The MTGA 500 series Macro Cell Base Station is a standalone, fully self-supporting unit designed to support a single sector or cell in an LTE system.

The 500 series is a base station style (skid style) solution which is designed to be semi mobile, with crane lifting, dragging and forklift points for transport. The 500 series base station is designed to support approximately 500-600w continuous power draw.

The MTGA solution utilises patent pending sliding solar arrays consistent with the 300 series trailer design for safety in deployment of the panels as well as quick and easy site establishment. The sliding arrays mean that the base station is compact, and eliminates an elaborate set up and pack down process for multiple solar panels.
The 500 series also utilises a backup generator on an as-required basis. It is not needed during typical operations.

The base station also utilises a 17m telescopic lattice mast in the standard design (other masts can also be specified and quoted). Key benefits of the Aluminium lattice mast over other options include cost, weight, and utility.

The 500 series can either utilise an air-conditioned shelter for the communication equipment and batteries, which maintain all equipment and power supplies below 35 degrees Celsius. Or to reduce cost and weight the 500 series can utilise a standalone air-conditioned cabinet for the heat sensitive equipment.

The batteries are housed in an ergonomically designed rack for the shelter design, or sliding drawers for the air-conditioned rack design to provide ease of access.

The MTGA 500 Series Macro Cell Base Station is an innovative, intelligent and cost effective design that meets and exceeds all specifications requested from our clients. A 100 series base station which delivers 1000w of continuous solar based standalone power to the customer has also been developed by MTGA for existing customers.

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