The MTGA 110 series trailer is a standalone, fully self-supporting unit designed to support a single AP or device. All units are fabricated in our workshop in Western Australia to ensure quality and durability in the field as well as ease of access to our customers during the design and construction phase.

The 110 series is a trailer solution which is designed to be mobile and towed by a light vehicle using any tow hitch the customer requires. The 110 series trailer is designed to support approximately 50-65w continuous power draw. With an effective redundancy up to 7 days on battery alone.

The MTGA solution utilises two 327w high efficiency solar panels.

The trailer can utilise a 4m to 8m telescopic pneumatic or cable actuated mast for the deployment of the equipment.

The 110 series utilises two IP rated cabinets to house both the communications equipment and the power equipment on board the trailer with coiled conduit around the mast to house the cables to the headstock of the mast.

The batteries are housed in an ergonomically designed sliding draw designed to provide ease of access.

The MTGA 110 series trailer is an innovative, intelligent and cost effective design that meets and exceeds all specifications requested from our clients. The trailers are designed from the ground up to handle the rugged environment that Australian mining throws at these trailers and the high demands for reliability that our customers require.

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